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Our flagship product is the integrated Blockchain platform backed up by  Big data technology exclusively for healthcare organizations. This will not only help to advance secure interoperability but also provide complete auditability. In the process, it successfully eliminates third party intermediaries for Health Information exchange.

This Healthcare Blockchain Platform can also be used by Healthcare organizations for Revenue Cycle Management. The technology ensures efficiency while providing complete security.

Problem statement

Currently cross institutional data sharing does not exist in the US healthcare system due to multiple challenges like high third party costs, lack of transparency, inadequate auditing. Personal health records are seldom with the individual patients as they are maintained by the institutions, products, services and solutions. Availing seamless medical care across the country is almost impossible. Added to this, most of the healthcare organizations delete personal medical records after certain number of years owing to regulatory requirements and high cost of maintenance. Hence after certain year (6 years), the chances of accessing personal health records are next to nil as they would’ve been permanently destroyed.


This Healthcare Blockchain platform also supports patient centric immutable health record to access complete clinical history of the patient anywhere in the world to support personalized and real-time evidence based medicine / treatment. This Healthcare Blockchain system also supports to join the participants of healthcare spectrum like Patients, Hospitals, Life science agencies , independent service providers, device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, insurers and government agencies to provide effective and coordinated care

Our Features

  1. Secure and immutable and completely auditable HIE
  2. Helps to eliminate 3rd party HIE vendors
  3. Complete immutable Patient centric Health records
  4. A platform to participate secure HIE for advancing Clinical analytics and research

Fact sheet

$3 Trillion

USA spends in healthcare


results as waste due to inaccessible information


To provide secure, immutable and completely auditable to healthcare interoperability system, Patient centric immutable health records, and to create a single platform for HIE there by advancing healthcare analytics.

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