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About aciana

aciana is changing the technological landscape of the healthcare industry. By introducing trending and proven concepts like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, aciana is equipping the healthcare systems with the power of new-age technologies. The team has experience in implementing these technologies including

  • Centralised and secure Health Information Exchange through Artificial Intelligence, empowered by Blockchain
  • In depth financial analytics for Revenue cycle management and fraud prevention using Blockchain backed up by bigdata technology
  • Advanced clinical analytics for customized treatment design with precision medicine focusing value based care by Accountable Care Organizations
  • Using Blockchain for the entire supply chain management in the Healthcare Organizations for accurate identification, tracking and verification of assets (medical devices as well as drugs)
  • Managing medical records and other healthcare related data which is real time, verified and secured.

The primary focus for aciana is to help healthcare organizations to provide value based care to the patients at efficient costs. aciana has expertise in using Blockchain and advanced analytics to increase the accuracy of Risk Stratification of patients thereby ensuring better care. aciana has successfully introduced Blockchain for supply chain management – which has not only decreased the effort but has seen significant cost efficiency as well. 

aciana’s Blockchain Template exclusively for the Healthcare domain plans to completely change data exchange and data interoperability for any organization in the space. This template can be used by Hospitals, Insurance providers, Care givers, Primary healthcare facilities, Life Sciences companies and even Pharmaceutical companies. The grand vision of the Template is to provide cross institutional data for advance analytics purposes. The data can also be used in developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve patient care and experience.

As this Template will be dealing with sensitive data like medical records, claims etc. this Template will be ‘Permissioned’ Blockchain – implying that it can be completely auditable and irrefutable. All transactions will be secure and none can be erased. Any and all data can be included into the Template and all of the data can be used for Clinical interoperability and can drastically improve Population Health Management.

CNLP has been developed by in-house expertise team comprising of Designers, Healthcare Domain Specialists, Medical Practitioners and experienced Hospital Staff from the US.

CNLP is capable of reading clinical reports and annotations within the reports. It can also classify the annotations correctly. At the core of aciana’s CNLP, a word sense disambiguation engine has been inbuilt. This engine helps is correctly reading textual data, identifying the framework of reference and finally contextual setting. This three step process can positively convert unstructured data to structured data for advance analytics purposes.